HOLM - A 00 gauge GWR branchline model railway



                        An OO Gauge GWR Branch line layout.


Like a good many railway modellers, I wanted a layout that reminded me of earlier days. I was brought up in South Wales with a father and grandfather who were railwaymen. Although both worked predominantly in the Cardiff area, grandfather worked for several years as the BR(W) yardmaster at Taunton. So the layout had to be a compromise between South Wales and the West Country. But where? There are two islands in the Bristol Channel called Steep Holm and Flat Holm, one belonging to Somerset, the other to Cardiff and so it could be imagined that the two areas were still joined and the Severn estuary was a bit further west! Also, as my wagons and vans are a mixture from South Wales and the West Country, Holm seemed to be that good compromise. 

However, I wanted a branch line that was based on an actual line close to the sea. Kingsbridge, in Devon, fitted the bill almost exactly and so the trackplan of Holm is closely based on Kingsbridge as are the types of locos and trains that ran there ? although a little more intensively! Thus, the imaginary Holm is a 12ft by 2ft OO gauge branch line terminus. Track work is Peco Code 75 with Electrofrog points. Buildings are a mixture of kits from Ratio, Metcalfe and Peco.

 Rolling stock is all RTR and based on the GWR in the 1930s and 1940s. Locos are pannier tanks and small Prairies with coaching stock consisting of B sets and auto coaches, and a diesel railcar. Wagons are mainly private owner supplied by various sources (all Dapol).

A full article about "HOLM" appeared in the February 2011 edition of "Railway Modeller".

Delighted to be voted "Best in Show" by the public at Swindon MRC's Modrail 2012 and at Minstead 2013. Once again a "Best in Show" at Pevensey Bay MRC in July 2018.

See my layout "CAMLAS" on http://www.fareham2.webs.com.




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